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Weekly Newsletter / Pew Sheet
Contains the news, views and issues to engage your interest in the parish;
Sunday Lectionary Readings;
Events and dates; and other relevant information.
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There are also various articles related to the life of our church or on spirituality that people may find helpful to explore and read. Please click here or button to your right to see the current 2022 list, or the 2021 Archive.

For your private devotion

Bishop Garry Weatherill
Easter Address 2023
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Retreat in Daily Life
19th-26th March

Join us for an intentional time of seeking God during this week in Lent. It is a 'Retreat in Daily Life.'

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2022 Advent Book.tiff
Advent Study 2022

Advent and the Four Last Things
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16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence & 

Elimination of Violence Against Women - 2022

The Australian Mother's Union is committed to supporting initiatives to end gender violence.

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Other News Articles 2023

Chocolate Scorecard 2022
Get the latest info on how your favourite chocolate is doing.

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Screenshot 2023-01-29 at 17.56.10.png

Being kind is really not hard.

You just got to keep the mean stuff to yourself.

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