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Renew PEOPLE. Revive PROJECTS. Restore PLACE.


To regenerate the faith community of the Anglican Parish of Warracknabeal over next 5 years - 2020-2025.


  • Continue to create an environment within our church community that is inclusive and purposeful.

  • Re-imagine the role and influence of the church and its importance in the local community.

  • To raise $250,000 to fund our dreams and maintain healthy ministry to Warracknabeal region.


  • The REGENERATE project would seek to RENEW PEOPLE - no matter age, skin colour, gender, social background or status. Renewal is at the heart of the Easter Mystery - God’s last word is LIFE not death.


  • The REGENERATE project would seek to REVIVE PROJECTS - ministry initiatives and activities that build the welfare and wellbeing of people who cross our threshold - AND those who don’t!


  • The REGENERATE project would seek to RESTORE PLACE - whether the church fabric, parish centre revamp or other development that would serve the people in our region - to provide spiritual health, hospitality, opportunity for future wellbeing.

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