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An Ecumenical Youth Group to engage young people in faith and culture

SHINE is addressing an immediate need within the town and region of Warracknabeal for

those young people who would like to encourage each other in their faith, and develop

strategies and confidence in maintaining their faith in the modern society in which they live. 


There is a desperate need in our community for youth related activities that do not always

involve sport.

These objectives were articulated by the young people themselves who are being encouraged

to take significant ownership and leadership of SHINE activities and direction. SHINE is

Ecumenical and hosted by the Anglican Church in Warracknabeal.


SHINE will aim to:

  1. At its core, will encourage and nurture faith development in young people;

  2. Create an environment where young people can develop strategies to remain steadfast and faithful in their faith in the face of their peers and modern world in which they live;

  3. Develop confidence in understanding their relationship with God, and articulate their faith in the Triune God in their own language;

  4. Further their understanding of the Holy Bible and its importance for their faith journey;

  5. Create a safe and fun environment for social fellowship through activities and hospitality;

  6. Encourage an active role in leadership and mutual discipleship;

  7. Encourage a deep awareness of social responsibility and service to others;

  8. Develop resilience, gratitude and conviction of their faith – which they can share with peers and their own faith communities.  

Parents and young people have requested a ‘faith based activity’ to help them develop and nurture their relationship with God. SHINE is aimed at high school students, and SHINE participants will be involved in leadership and discipleship activities that allow the young people themselves to self-determine in a supportive and mentoring environment.

SHINE began in June 2020.

SHINE operates every 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month from 6.00-8.00pm during school terms.  (click here for next SHINE)

SHINE offers an evening meal; space for young people to 'hang out' together and develop friendships; and gentle exploration of their personal relationship with God - through fun and inquisitive activities appropriate for their age.


Participants do not have to believe in God, however, are encouraged to be open to the reality of God in other's lives and be willing to question and learn what is possible in their relationship with God (or the Divine) in a supportive and non-forced environment. While SHINE adhere's to the Christian faith, participants of other faiths are welcome to attend and will be respected for their own beliefs and expressions of God.

It is our hope that SHINE offers an opportunity for young people to:

  1. Build confidence to grow in their relationship and trust in God;

  2. Create an environment for young people to support each other in their faith;

  3. Develop strategies for discipleship with peers;

  4. Develop skills in spiritual leadership with peers, and teaching and pastoral talents;

  5. Create a space for young people to express their faith freely and without judgement;

  6. Create a space for young people to discern where God is working in their lives;

  7. Build confidence in the purpose and relevance of the church (institution) and all its people as the body of Christ.

  8. Develop a greater awareness of young people’s importance and role within the church.

  9. Develop an awareness of the need of those less fortunate, through social justice and community service issues.

  10. Place JOY at the centre of young people’s faith, and help develop techniques to deal with the ‘tricky’ aspects of life relevant for their time and place.

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