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Rev's Revolution
A project to build the Boys' Shed 

Rev's Revolution will take a break for a season.

You can still donate if you want - follow the links.


31 Oct 2021

Kilometres Travelled


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The Boys' Shed is under construction

Click here for the Gallery

and watch the shed being built.

Thank you to everyone for your generosity and support of Rev's Revolution.

Planning Application is currently in Yarriambiack Shire Council for approval, and we are beginning the next phase of development.

More news in October!

Rev James Wood, the Anglican Parish priest of Warracknabeal, has started a revolution or two - 5000kms of revolutions on his bicycle over the course of 365 days as part of his personal commitment to raising funds to help build the Boys’ Shed.

His aim is to raise $25,000 by riding approximately 100kms per week from 01st August 2020 until 1st August 2021. Not averse to cycling a few miles on a Saturday morning with his mates – he says of this challenge, “It is a challenge I’m looking forward to. It also means some extra time in the saddle which isn’t part of my regular routine.”

“The Boys’ Shed, we believe, is a unique initiative to build a stronger community by providing an opportunity for participants to grow into strong young men - thoughtful, practical, resilient, self-confident; young men who are self-aware and willing to grow into their own skin,” comments Rev James. He goes on to say, “It is a safe and supportive environment for participants and mentors;

  • to be themselves

  • to develop social and practical skills

  • and to work on their own woodwork and construction projects from recycled and reclaimed timber. 

It is also a place to nurture a culture of encouragement, co-operation and social responsibility as young people face their own issues within our world.”


The Boys’ Shed started over two years ago in Rev’s garage and it is time to expand our vision, and a purpose built Boys’ Shed will allow more participants to attend more often - as one solution to a growing need within our community.


“We are committed to action!” states Rev James. “I have reached an age and stage in my life where it is important to ‘get things done’! I can’t do it all – and I can’t do it for everyone, but I’m not willing to join another ‘talk-fest’ to make me feel good about myself. A little bit of physical pain to enable some important growth and development in our local community lies behind this ‘revolution’.”

“I hope that there is a way you will be able to support us - and I thank you for your generosity.”


Rev James  youTube videos  - search ‘rev james wood: revs revolution’.

Follow him on Instagram “revsrevolution2020”.


Donations can be made at this stage through contacting Rev James directly via the following: E:  M: 0438 233 630. W:

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