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The Boys' Shed

The Boys' Shed will be resuming very soon in February, once school has begun and kids are settled in.

The Boys' Shed is an opportunity for young people to develop construction and social skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Two separate sessions exist for interested participants:


Every Monday - Primary age - Yr4 & above


Thursday fortnightly - High School age


(every 2nd & 4th Thursday)

There are also opportunities for mentors to join the Boys' Shed as a rewarding and fulfilling volunteering occupation.

Contact: Rev James for details

       M: 0438 233 630


Walk of the Cross Pilgrimage

Hopetoun to Warracknabeal
14-17th April 2025

Rev James will be walking the 65kms from Hopetoun to Warracknabeal as part of Project Regenerate's biennial

'Walk of the Cross'.

In 2025, we will be launching the 140 years celebration of worship, prayer and service to the Warracknabeal region.

More details will follow in early 2025.

Watch this space for updates and

other events.

ZMorph Project


Will resume in 2024
details to be decided soon!
Anglican Parish Centre

Ongoing program for interested year 6 and high school age participants.
Flexible times and training available.

For more information click link and leave a message below:
Grain for Growth
using the Anglican Parish
NGR Number

NGR 12439740


GRAIN for GROWTH supports two distinctive needs for Project REGENERATE

1. Developing stronger and resilient young people; and 

2. Enabling a Parish Centre Revamp.

Your contribution to GRAIN for GROWTH will ensure that Project REGENERATE can change the lives of young people and help provide a useful facility for the Warracknabeal community and region.

For more information:

Grain for Growth Flyer (click here)

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